• It is so hard to ask! Why does my kid steal stuff?

    It is so hard to ask! Why does my kid steal stuff?

    Kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder often struggle with asking for things and or for help doing things. They have a strong propensity to just take things or get totally frustrated trying to do things without help. Why is this? It is about needing to be self-sufficient. Rad kids have a need to not need others. If your fearful of rejection, fearful of adults, and fearful of criticism- you will not ask. I have been working with my little one for several months on feeling safe asking for things rather than just taking them when she wants. I was always finding hidden food containers and empty wrappers in her room-mostly under her pillow and between the bed and the wall. All my logic was totally useless. Explaining that bugs will come did nothing to help. We got into a “who can hide the chocolate better!” contest-lol. I hid it in my room, and she would find it and hid it in her room. I realized her need to not need was really the issue. I began training her to ask. I would hold a bag of candy and say, “Do you want some?” with a big warm smile. Then I would say “just ask and you shall receive!”. She squirmed a lot but was able to say “some” with her hands hiding her face. I immediately gave her some. We repeated this many times. Then we added more to the sentence. After repeating this ad nauseum, I walked into the kitchen and saw her first none prompted request! Victory!!!!! She is improving daily and steals less and less every day.  

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